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    InterVision was created in 2000 as an offspring of our other project, HR Productions that was started as an internet teaching site for us to continue the Paintshop Pro and HTML classes Kathy and Don (KaCee & Skinn) began back in 1998. As time passed and the old excite was closed and everyone went their own ways finding other places to chat, Kacee & Skinn joined the group over at Halsoft.

    As Internet Radio started to become more popular in the early part of 2004 KaCee became a DJ at other stations and found it much easier to work for herself. Intervision Radio was born on June 4, 2005. We recently celebrated the first year anniversary and are fast approaching 30,000 hits on the page counter. With that number still climbing, we want to thank all our our listeners. We also want to thank all the DJ's who have been with us and dedicated their time just to have the fun of being internet DJ's. Without you, the DJ's, and listeners, there would be NO Intervision Radio. We love you all and I know we don't tell you enough how much we love and care for each and everyone of you.

    You can check the staff page and see the wonderful people who have stood by us and helped us make InterVision Radio the New Vision of Internet Radio. We are now Internet based in Voodoo, Halsoft and Yak. Our current Radio page was unveiled on June 30th, 2006 and we hope you find it more user friendly and easy to navigate. Please check out the request box and leave us your requests and/or dedications. Thanks again from all the staff here for listening to InterVision Radio!!!

    July 4th, 2006

    As we approach the begining of our 4th year I thought it was time to write a bit more here. For one big thing, that counter that 2 years ago was at 30,000 has now added 107,000+ hits on it. Over 137,000 hits how wonderful!! We have raised the rate to broadcast from the 64kbps then to 94kbps to the newest as of January 1, 2008 to 128kbps for near cd quality sound. Also, as of January 1, 2008 we have a sister station, The Void Internet Radio owned by DJ_Rage and DJ_Midniterage. They are hardrock, alternative, jazz and blues. InterVision is now alot more country, classic rock, soft and current rock and oldies. We have found this to be working out great for all of us. We have a lot of the same DJ's here but have added a few new faces also. A few of the older ones made the move to The Void as that was more there genre of tunes to play.

    I am sure year four will be a banner year, we also have upped the listener base so more are able to tune in and that sure has been happening with our addition of more country, You listeners spoke and we listened. I have found myself switching from the rock to the country!!

    On the request page we have added Yahoo links right to the DJ's own personal Yahoo so you can request a song directly to them. I think you will find that easier and faster to get your request and dedications played.

    The biggest thing for the 4th year is a new facelift on all the InterVision Radio Station pages and our gate page for the InterVision Server for those of you in Voodoo Chat. I hope you find them very user friendly and we think a much better lay out and color scheme.

    Another addition in the past year is our Video Page with a link to that on the main station page. If you have a video you would like added please IM KaCee or Skinn and if at all possible we will add it and so far have been very lucky at getting all the ones requested. I think you will love the selection that is there now.

    Also we have added a link to current news and an event calendar for events we DJ in Voodoo Chat.

    I think I have covered about everything I can think of since the last time and sure will try to keep things more current in the future.

    Thanks to ALL of our loyal listeners, with out you and our great line up of DJ's InterVision Radio wouldn't be here and be doing as great as we are !! We owe it ALL to YOU.

    Hugs again as we have another wonderful year.
March 1, 2008
    KaCee & Skinn

    As we look back on the past four years and how we have grown I have to very first off offer so much thanks and love to the DJ's who have stood here with us through thick and thin, you are what make InterVision one of the best internet stations in Voodoo.

     We have made a few changes since I did some notes to you in March 2008. We have removed the current news and event calendar as they were not being put to much use. As for the video page we had up. It was getting a ton of traffic but then sort of died down. If you would like to see that brought back, please let Skinn know and we will sure work on adding that back again. The yahoo requests and the shoutbox are still up for the use of our listeners and it would be nice if we all take the time to check the shoutbox when on the air for requests or dedication of listeners who are not Voodoo Citizens.

    Now again, Skinn got the itch to change the station pages so you will see a totally new more user friendly site up now. The DJ kick is at the bottom of the home page now. As you see in the main box of the station page right now there is a Happy Holidays image there. As each holiday approaches we will be changing that and any of you who are artistic are more than welcome to come up with your own original image that we can add to that spot and of course give you the credit for that also. The one that I have there now is a pretty generic one for the Holidays. If you want to make one more specific to Christmas, New Years, Valentine's Day and so on, go for it!!

    Everything with our sister station, The Void, is going great and as you all know they are the more hard rock, R & B and alternative station and they are going strong too. We have had no more word on Mike's idea for Voodoo radio. So we sit and wait to see if and when this does come to be.

    If you look at our page site counter we are fast approaching 180,000 visitors ( I am sure mobbers have helped add to this number) June 4th 2009 will mark the four years and that number isn't bad at all for we still have six months to make the 4th anniversary of the station.

    This past year has been a very rough one for most of the people living here in the good ole USA. (other countries have had a bad time also) Many have lost jobs, taken paycuts, lost homes and it was announced today that, YES, we are indeed in a recession (as if we didn't know that already). I know some of you have been hit hard and some harder than others and I am so sorry for the bad times that have hit so many of you and our friends. I know for most of us, the computer and dj'ing is a great form of entertainment and actully compared to other venues (pay tv and concert, etc) it is really a pretty inexpensive way of having fun and spending time for the most part with great friends and internet family. We do know we always have the select few that think differently on the spending time for fun things.

    As the Holiday Season of Christmas and New Years 2009 approaches and too fast I might add, we want to wish you all the very best Holiday Of Christmas and a Joyous New Year. The gifts are secondary to having your health and family around for the season. You also know we are about to receive the very best Christmas present ever, the birth of Taylor Diane Bellamy, (should be Thursday, Dec 4, 2008) and of course we will let you know and have pictures.

    I want to take this time to close in saying we at InterVision Radio have the best internet family there is. Great DJ's and great listeners!! Words are hard to find on how much we care about each and every one of you and how much you all mean to us. I want to thank you all again for another great year and we hope, many more to come!!!

    Merry Christmas and Joyous and a Better New Year 2009.

    Love To All,
    KaCee & Skinn
    December 1, 2008

    March 14, 2009

    [~Sat~03/14/2009~3:03 PM~] seed
Congratulations on being a Voodoo listed station! Seed visited our station page for close to 2 hours!!!!

    On March 14, 2009 Mike finalized the Voodoo Radio. He noted such on the Voodoo Forum for stations to apply (along with the listing of requirements and how the stations were to be ran) KaCee applied as soon as we read that and we were accepted and are now a Voodoo Authorized Station. As the date being accepted were show 3 quality points and those points count for 5 mojo each per minute for each listerning. So thats 15 mojo per mins. 900 mojo per hr and 21600 for 24 hrs a day. Then there are bonus codes each hour of 1500 for our DJ's to give out and on double mojo Friday its of course 3000!!!

    We are trying very hard to meet the other requirements Mike has to gain more quality points. They are as follows and the ones marked * we already have:

    Quality Rating
    Each station on the Voodoo Radio Listings is given a Quality Rating based on how many of the following criteria it meets. The quality rating is used both in competitive placement on the listings, and in determining the amount of mojo listeners earn by listening to your station. Listeners get 5 mojo per minute for each point of your station's Quality Rating so the higher your rating, the more attractive your station will be to listeners

    ** Voodoo Specific (1 point)
    The minimum requirement for the listings, your station being voodoo-specific and catering only to voodoo chatters earns your station one quality point. If your station ever loses this point, it will be removed from the listings and will not qualify for inclusion again for a full 12 months.

    ** Always Attended (1 point)
    If you have a DJ actively controlling your station at all times, rather than using automated playlists of an hour or longer, then your station is worth an extra quality point. The verification criteria is that you have a DJ speaking at least once per hour to verify their presence. Attempting to falsify this by using pre-recorded speeches will result in permanent removal from the listing.

    ** 20% Non-Music Programming (2 points)
    If 20% of each hour is "talk time", meaning the DJ talks to the listeners, holds contests, gives listeners news, etc - then your station qualifies for 2 extra quality points. This is not only a good way to earn your listeners mojo, but also a good way to keep their interest. Remember that your listeners have access to all their own MP3s and CDs, all of music they know they like, so playing nothing but non-stop music is probably going to bore them to tears.

    ** Voodoo News (1 point)
    If you give your listeners Voodoo News updates on a regular basis (3x a day minimum) then you qualify for an extra quality point. News can either be specific news announcements from the forums or can be as general as gossip news from any of the websites that produce it.

    ** High Capacity (1 or 2 points) WE HAVE ONE POINT HERE SO FAR
    If your station can support at least 100 simultaneous listeners on a single address, then your station qualifies for an additional quality point. If your station can accomodated 300 listeners or more then this increases to 2 quality points. In order to quality for these additional quality points, the stream must be 64kb or higher.

    Benefits of Being Listed

    The main benefit of being a radio station listed on the Voodoo Radio Listings is that you will have access to a large supply of motivated listeners - people who have a reason to tune in to your station. Mojo is a popular commodity on Voodoo Chat, and mojo-conscious users are always looking for new ways to earn more. In addition to mojo-per-minute based on your station's quality rating, each station owner will be able to set a DJ password, which allows their DJs to obtain bonus codes to give to the listeners to earn those listeners even more mojo. The bonus codes are likewise tied to your station's quality rating. The higher the quality, the larger the bonus code's worth, and the more frequently you can create codes for the listeners to use.

    We are very close to being able to tell Mike we are a 24/7 station and have our DJ's speaking live at least 12 mins per hour. And, guys, thats isn't hard to do with giving out the code and Voodoo news. I know you have all seen our numbers climbing and they can go higher if we gain the extra quality points and have more mojo for our listeners and by the way, for us also as we get the per mins mojo and the bonus also!

    I want to congratulate all of you great DJ's who have helped us get to this status and it's something each and every one of us to be proud of!!!!

    KaCee & Skinn
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